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Silicone O Rings

Silicone O rings [VMQ] are in standard Red Color and other colors as per requirement in shore hardness: 40 – 80A - Excellent material for static service at extreme (hot or cold) temperatures.

Outstanding flex and fatigue life. Very  good for ozone and UV radiation service as well as  for resistance to fungal and biological attack. suitable in Moderate or oxidizing chemicals, ozone, aromatic chlorinated solvents, bases. Unsuitable in many solvents, oils, concentrated acids, dilute sodium hydroxide, fluids, hydrazine, ketones.

Silicones are generally very permeable to gases and have poor physical strength and abrasion resistance, Brake oils.

SILICONE by nature is Non Toxic and is safe to use in food applications and pharma, but industrial and pharma grades are different as they are supplied with FDA approved certificates from the producers of Silicone Rubbers.