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EPDM O Rings

EPDM/ EPR O rings are available in copolymer EPR and Terpolymer EPDM rubber in shore Hardness ranging from 40-60 shore A in Imperial and Metric size mold inventory.

EPDM/ EPR is resistant to Oxidation, Ozone, Sunlight, Abrasion, Fireproof Hydraulic Fluids, Water, and Alkalis . It is Unsuitable in Kerosene, Hydrocarbons, and Solvents

It has very Good Flex crack , Impact, Abrasion Resistant – and Poor Flame Resistance. It has Excellent resistance to Ozone, Sunlight, Steam, Water and Weather. It is Not Recommended for Kerosene, Mineral Oil, Naptha , Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Transformer Oil, Propane. Hot Hydrochloric acid   concentrate 37%.Gasolene. It melts in Toluene,  Benzene  IT is suitable and recommended for  Acetone, Animal Fats, Chlorine, Salt water, Sodium Hydroxide with Little to moderate effect on Rubber. Temperature Resistant from -55c upto +150c