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HNBR O Rings

HNBR O rings are available in 40-90Shore A in Imperial and Metric Size from our O ring Mold Inventory. Temperature Range -40 c upto 148c

HNBR  O RINGS are  different from High NBR o rings, Usually High NBR is relatively cheaper compared to HNBR which is Saturated from its Unsaturated Generic Grade. Good physical properties and chemical resistance to the most common hydraulic fluids makes HNBR an excellent sealing material. HNBR material is often used in vegetable and animal oils. as well as high addivated and crude oils.

HNBR has similar media stability to NBR but with significantly better heat and oxidization stability. The high mechanical durability and improved wear resistance also offer users in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry a range of additional applications which can be reliably and cost-effectively covered by HNBR. For example in milk processing plants, in which products are made with a fat content that is so high that EPDM materials need to be replaced with HNBR

Suitable for use in CIP /SIP media in continuous operations in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry with diluted acids and alkaline solutions with cleaning additives as well as disinfectants, steam or mildly oxidizing media or polar and organic solvents respectively.