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Fluoro Silicone O Rings

Fluoro silicone O rings are special purpose for low temp and higher chemical /fluid /oil resistant  due to  additional phenyl chemical in the polymer structure. Giving superior properties compared to the regular VMQ silicones. Avoid chlorinated solvents, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and petroleum oils. fluids, hydrazine, ketones. 

Fluorosilicones can operate over a very wide range of temperatures (-60°C to +200°C) and their resistance to di-ester lubricants, ozone and weathering is excellent. They have good electrical strength and moderate oil resistance.
However, they are particularly expensive rubbers and unsatisfactory for use with phosphate esters. Like Silicone rubbers, their physical properties and permeability to gases are poor.

Typical applications include aerospace fuel system components, diaphragms, gaskets, hose lining, seals and O-rings.