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QUAD Rings

quad ringsWe offer QUAD RINGS / X rings in imperial and Metric Sizes Similar to O rings size range. In Shore Hardness 40 – 70A in Black Color. In NITRILE, EPDM, NEOPRENE, SILICONE, VITON Rubber.

Quad Rings are Expensive compared to O rings   and are used in applications critical as follows.

IT is four-lobed seals used today around the world for a wide variety of static and dynamic sealing applications.  Avoiding the spiral Twist to minimize breakaway friction, an O-Ring groove must be wide enough to allow rolling or twisting of the seal. In the long stroke of a reciprocating seal application, this twisting action can strain and eventually tear the rubber, causing a failure mode known as spiral twist.

To prevent spiral twist, the Quad-Ring seal's four-lobed configuration is designed to withstand the distortion and extrusion often caused by high or pulsating pressure.

To accommodate these forces, a Quad-Ring seal uses a narrower groove than a comparable O-Ring seal. because less squeeze means less friction with the four-lobe design, seals last longer. Therefore, equipment in which the Quad-Ring seal is installed will operate longer and require less maintenance.